Summer Gets Naked

April 10th, 2010

Nubile Ones

Summer has always been a kinky coed cutie pie pie, from the very second she turned eighteen she was looking every which way for a new knob to cram in to her twat! Unlike most innocent eighteen year old cutie pies Summer doesn’t care about playing sweet, she’s more of a tiger and likes to jump on the first penis she see’s and cram it in to her twat and ride it until she cums. Summer doesn’t care if those fellows want to catch it all on camera either because she really gets off on watching herself fucking on camera and then the whole cycle just starts all over again because she can’t wait to get off again!

Watch Summer in these pictures as she gets down and dirty with two fellows in a video clip but only after she’s done her kinky little striptease. Starting off in her lustful little black tanktop and a short pink skirt with black fishnets Summer kneels on the sofa and peels down her tanktop to flash her perky little milk wagons and her nubby nipples. Of course the guys go wild and it only eggs Summer on so she slips down her skirt too!

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Tracy Takes Chubby Weenie

April 8th, 2010

New Porn Talents

Tracy works as a stripped in a local stripclub, it wasn’t exactly what she dreamed that she’d grow up doing but it kept the bills paid and left her a little extra in her pocket to shop for clothes and the usual girly stuff like makeup. Tracy’s dream had always been to be a movie star though. She always wanted to make it large on camera and when a boy came in to the club one day and told her that she had what it took to make it on camera Tracy thought her big break was finally here! What she didn’t know was that he was talking about porno videos!

Tracy met up with the man at his local studio after work. He oozy talked her real good telling her all about what a big star she would be once she was released on film. It wasn’t until he asked her to rehearse a scene with him that Tracy realized it was a porno! She wasn’t beyond starring in a porno though, especially if it meant that she’d appear on camera and once she saw the size of the guys huge knob she was all for it!

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Cute Teen Teasing Her Twat

April 4th, 2010

Teen porn

Allie is a marvelous coed gal who just can’t keep her hands off her tight teen body, ever since she discovered how excellent it felt to slide her fingers over her shaved coed pussy she hasn’t been able to stop herself from teasing her wet love tunnel.  Last week one of Allie’s girlfriends had told her all about a company that was hiring models for photo shoots and she said that she thought Allie would be consummate for the job – what she didn’t tell Allie was that the job involved her teasing her love bud on camera!

When Allie showed up for the interview she soon caught on as to what they wanted when they asked her to start off in a sexy pink bikini and strip off as slowly as she could. Allie wasn’t about to shy away from showing off her cute teen body and as she stripped she slid her fingers down over her see through panties and let her fingertip slip inside her tight cunt through her panties. Soon though Allie was so turned on that she had to slip out of her panties and getting on all fours she slid her finger deep in to her vagina!

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Teen Named Adel Gets Naughty

March 29th, 2010

Teen Named Adel Gets Naughty

Let me introduce you to a teen girl named Adel. She just turned eighteen years old and she looks so sweet and innocent, but trust e, she can get very naughty when she wants. She got very naughty during her first photo shoot. She was a little shy at first, but it wasn’t long before she was showing us her naughty side in the kitchen.

She was soon teasing out of her clothes, showing off her tender nubile body to the camera. She said that she was a little nervous at first, but when she started taking off her clothes, she started to get really turned on! Next thing you know, she was pouring milk all over her body. It made such a mess and looked so hot. She said that it even reminded her of a different white, creamy liquid.

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